Studio Sixty Six
Mique Michelle  

Mique Michelle

Mique Michelle is a Franco-Ontarienne from Field whose nomadic journeys allow her to exercise her graffiti art from Northern Ontario to France. Through her travels and studies at the Ottawa School of Art, she has evolved as a mixed media artist and an active facilitator of the arts in Ottawa. Her work can be seen in galleries, public buildings and in outdoor venues. Dominique remains a strong advocate for abolishing negative perceptions of graffiti and street art.


Photo of the artist: Josh Hotz

3093 - Last Call for Help
2620 - Last Chance Fundraiser
2865 - You're Fucked
2515 - Tossed Out
2900 - Wooden Framed
2224 - George
2269 - Staff Room
2952 - Back End
2469 - Maternelle Jardin
2661 - Trophy Hall
2798 - Green Grass
3190 - Historical Society
2825 - Broken Glass