Studio Sixty Six
Untitled Woman w/ Red shoes
Rooted & Free
Make More Mistakes
Gold Fold
Untitled Body Vases with Paper Flowers
Untitled Woman with Back, Leather, Red Hair
Untitled Woman with Mouth, Hand and Chest
Edward Weston - Nude on Sand
Thomas Ruff - Portrait 1987
Dot Dot Dot
Redbird Series - 2 of 3
Redbird Series - 1 of 3
Panic struck at the athenaeum; I ripped out pages from every book and shoved them down my throat
Babes need angels in this city, but who can tell who's who?
Games and Stories
The silence came after
How to hold Yourself
Apply Steady Pressure
The slow reveal
Long Long way
On and On and On
Glam Cushion
The Mend - Begin Anyway
Brush no. 1128 (Moon)
Brush no. 1128 (Sand)
Floating Display
Brush no. 0972 (Arch)