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Nicolas Lapointe  

Nicolas Lapointe

Nicolas Lapointe is a multidisciplinary artist based in Ottawa and Montreal. His work investigates the formation and meaning of cultural signs and symbols through sculpture, new media, and performance. He holds a Diploma in Visual Arts from the CÉGEP de l’Outaouais and a BFA from the University of Ottawa. Lapointe is the recipient of several awards, most recently the Jacqueline Fry Scholarship and the Preston Prize from the University of Ottawa.


Working in sculpture, new media, and performance, I deconstruct the cultural signs and motifs that have endured over time in order to examine shared human experiences. Notions of sacred architecture and geometry inform my work, which references ancient structures while also reflecting on contemporary issues. My kinetic, media-based sculptures explore ideas of automatism, technological synchronicity, and rhizomatic behavior, functioning as both inquiries into the absurd and explorations of the poetics of motion.

As a dimension of shared experience, language and communication form core elements within my practice. I am interested in how electronics can be used to generate patterns and symbols, at times inaccessible to the viewer, but nonetheless identifiable as types of communication. Within this structure, I reference binary patterns, which have become a contemporary language, yet their rigid structures express the limits of digital systems to convey the full range of human expression.


Untitled Pink
Reclining Algorithm
Roche de Bostrom