Studio Sixty Six


Corey 'Oda' Popp (b. 1984) is a Japanese American contemporary artist, living and working in eastern Ontario Canada, who has exhibited in galleries and museums nationally as well as internationally- showing throughout Canada and the US, as well as the UK, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. Oda's work can be found in permanent collections- both private and public- worldwide, and has won several awards for his hyperrealistic paintings.

Artist Statement

Oda is a multi disciplined artist working with oil painting, sculpture, and photography, through the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi in a way that pulls contemporary relevance from these traditional roots.  

With the subjects being representations of earth in its most natural and raw form, his recent collection of representational work examines industry, humanity, and earth, and their relationship to one another through the equanimity they must maintain in order to co-exist in today's world.  His works serve as an ambassador for the seemingly ordinary and overlooked, as a call to examine how we discern beauty, and challenge the status quo of where -as a human race- we place value.


Vantage Point
The Descent
The Space Between