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Sabrina Chamberland  

Sabrina Chamberland

Sabrina Chamberland is an Ottawa-based experimental photographer and mixed media artist. In April 2016, Chamberland completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa was the recipient of the DAÏMÔN Award for Excellence in media. Her works have been included in a number of exhibitions in Ottawa and Toronto, notably a permanent installation at University of Ottawa's Faculty of Social Sciences and two solo exhibitions. Chamberland is also among the fifteen national finalists for the 2015 Aimia AGO Photography Scholarship Prize, the second prize recipient of the 2015 Jacqueline Fry Scholarship, as well as the first prize winner of the 2014 Figureworks Annual Award. 


There is a certain fragility – a vulnerability even – of the human body and our relationship to it that is fascinating. Our body has the capacity to make us feel most powerful, yet it can just as easily betray and alienate us. With a focus on the precarious and visceral qualities of the human form, a perpetual curiosity motivates explorations of the body’s limits and their link to the psyche. In my work, I am aiming to explore the conflicting dichotomies that become inherent to the body when put upon close examination. These doubled natures are seen through the body's capacity to attract and repulse, to comfort and estrange, to bewilder and frighten, and to enlighten and disorient. Scrutinized become the intricacies of the corporeal surface, and unforgotten are the underlying contentions of the visually represented body. Through fragmented studies of the flesh and atypical visual juxtapositions, my work further aims to question the body’s relationship to notions of gender, identity, technology, and ultimately, the human condition.