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Véronique Sunatori  

Véronique Sunatori

Véronique Sunatori is an emerging visual artist based in Toronto. Born from a Québécois mother and Japanese-born father in Gatineau (QC), she moved to Montreal to complete a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University. Currently an MFA Candidate at York University, Her multidisciplinary practice ranging from painting to interactive sculpture focuses mainly on the process of discovering, learning, and evolving. After receiving two Individual Special Project Grants by Concordia University’s Fine Arts Student Alliance (2013), she also obtained a research grant for emerging artists from the Quebec Council for the Arts (2016) and a fellowship and scholarship for her graduate studies at York University (2016). Véronique Sunatori has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in both Canada and Japan over 10 group exhibitions notably at the FOFA gallery, the Eastern Bloc, the Montreal Arts Centre, the Red Head Gallery and AIRY Yamanashi, including important planned future exhibitions at Studio Sixty-Six (Ottawa, ON) et Circa Art Actuel (Montreal, QC).


My work is inspired by the moment of awakening evoked by the experience of empathy or a sublime encounter.  The set of routines and standards of everyday life in any society can prevent one from seeing past them.  Such experiences have the ability to bring about an objective inquiry leading to the process of discovering, learning, and evolving.  My art practice addresses this matter or attempts to induce this questioning by presenting artworks which can be interpreted as tools that, without taking an explicit position, offer an alternative perspective. While referring to the quotidian, these apparatuses have elements of mystery and phenomena.  Often taking on aspects of interaction or intervention, I try to make my artworks accessible and authentic to bring about moments of self-awareness.

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