Studio Sixty Six
William Staubi  

William Staubi

William Staubi primarily creates three-dimensional sculptures made largely with found objects, although he has previously worked in other media. A self-described humanist, his work sometimes challenges or addresses the role of religion in society. Staubi grew up on the East coast but has been based in Ottawa since 1989. He is a self-taught artist, an avid art collector, and supporter of the art community in Ottawa. He is both the administrator and a member of Enriched Bread Artists.



I enjoy working with found objects because of their intrinsic ability to arouse curiosity in me. Why were these things made? Who owned them and why? Were they treasured or just dust-collectors? How did they find their way to where I got them? The potential back stories can give rise to the theme that becomes the inspiration for a piece. Also, inherent in transforming the rejected, abandoned, broken, ugly, or unwanted bits and pieces of our commercial existence is the subtle reminder that as individuals we are not bound by the way in which others find us. The transformative possibilities in seeing things or ourselves differently is a powerful source of motivation.

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