Studio Sixty Six
7:46:08 am, Juno Beach, Courseulles-sur-mer 2015

7:46:08 am, Juno Beach, Courseulles-sur-mer 2015

Pigment ink on cotton fibre.
Mounted uncoated in black wooden floater frames.
28 x 42in. / 71.12 x 106.68 cm

Edition 1/5

Artist Insight
This 8 kilometre stretch of sand, located between the two British beachheads, was where the first wave of the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division waded ashore at the town of Courseulles-sur-Mer at 7:45 am.
I had the same objective: to stand on Juno Beach at first light. The sun rose at 6:25 and I was on the beach by 6:30. But to my surprise, I was incapable of taking pictures. I was overwhelmed by the mesmerizing beauty of the sea and haunted by thoughts of what had occurred on this very spot in 1944.