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Actias luna

Actias luna



Pigment inks print on matte archival quality paper



1 - Unmounted - 10" x 15" image on 13" x 19" sheet - $200.00


2 - Large - Print 44" x 44”, Framed 45" x 45”, Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” birch frame, $2,500.00


Artist's Insight:

Common name: Luna moth (male), Latin Species name: Actias luna

Collected in Crosby, Ontario on June 7, 2004

The Luna Moth (Actias luna) is eastern North America’s most recognizable species. Its delicate green colour, semi-transparent wings with eyespots, and spectacular tails make it a favourite. Despite its striking shape and colour, it hides in plain sight during the day by hanging motionless from a leafy branch.

The Luna is a member of the silk moth family. They survive the winter as a pupa wrapped in a silk cocoon inside a dried leaf in the leaf litter.

Whereas most specimens have golden margins on the trailing edges of their wings, this specimen sports the less common red margins!

This moth has a wingspread of 101 mm.