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Arctia caja americana

Arctia caja americana

Pigment ink photographic print on matte archival quality paper


1 - Unmounted - 10" x 15" / 25.4cm x 38.01cm image on 13" x 19" / 33.02cm x 48.26cm sheet - $200.00


2 - Medium - Print 44" x 32” / 111.76cm x 81.28cm, Framed 45" x 33” / 114.3cm x 83.82cm,  Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” / 2.54cm x 7.62cm birch frame, $1,500.00

3 - Large - Print 62" x 44” / 157.48cm x 111.76cm, Framed 63" x 45” / 160.02cm x 114.3cm,  Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” / 2.54cm x 7.62cm birch frame, $3,000.00


Artist's Insight:

Common name: Great Tiger Moth, Latin Species name: Arctia caja americana

Collected in Camp Fortune, Quebec on August 9, 2004

The Great Tiger Moth (Arctia caja) is found in northern countries around the globe; this is the North American subspecies, A. caja americana.

The conspicuous patterns on the hind wings serve as a warning to daytime predators, because the moth’s body fluids contain toxins saved from its time as a caterpillar. The bright colours are also ideal for frightening predators such as small birds. The moth normally hides its hind wings under the cryptic forewings when resting. If a bird comes too close, the moth quickly flashes its orange colours and flies away, giving it a head start over a startled predator.

This moth has a wingspread of 56 mm.