Studio Sixty Six


Mixed media

Hand-woven glass beads, sawdust, jewelry chain, screw hook, wood stain on panel

16 x 12 in. / 40.64 x 30.48 cm

Artist's Insight
Grids, as both prevalent conceptual motifs in Modernist painting practices as well as the structural underpinning to many weaving practices, show up in my work frequently. In Beach 2005, the beaded grid is draped into a net, sloping and soft. Instead of paint, sawdust saved in a jar from previous studio projects treats the surface of the painting panel, and is offset by bits of jewelry chain and hardware. Made from a collection of materials from the off-art worlds of craft, fashion, and the wood shop, this piece combines a painterly focus on forms, a fibres focus in material specificity, and a crafty re-use of materials with an element of affective memory.