Studio Sixty Six



From the series Seven

Photograph: pigment ink on cotton rag

Edition of 7 (each size)


1 - 72 x 58in. / 182.88 x 147.32cm; Unframed - $975, Framed - $1200
2 - 48 x 38.75in. / 121.92 x 98.43cm; Unframed - $750, Framed - $950
3 - 24 x 19.5in / 60.96 x 49.53cm; Unframed - $500, Framed - $700


Artist Statement - Seven:
With my past and present blurred together, my psyche a stalemate between nature and nurture, I am interested in the mind as a malleable vessel – one that can be simultaneously ambivalent and yet obstinate. My current series, SEVEN, consists of deeply personal photographs regarding my experiences with cognitive dissonance and my commencement on a religious transformation.

To purify my mind, I depict the demons that assume control and eradicate their darkness through small baptisms. I create small narratives, as I fight through the process of finding the light and letting the sun rise each day with a fresh perspective on life.

By scrutinizing my upbringing, admitting to my misunderstandings, and re-introducing myself to the Christian religious belief system, my ambition is to cleanse my soul of all sins to obtain a clean slate as I emerge into the public eye as a photo-based artist.