Studio Sixty Six
Black Woman #1 (Revelations)

Black Woman #1 (Revelations)


Mixed media; poplar wood, mirror, print on matte paper

Custom frame

25" x 31" x 4" / 63.5cm x 78.74cm x 10.16cm

Artist's Insight:

“Well, I know this, anyone who’s tried to live knows this: that what you say about anyone else... reveals you.” This quote by James Baldwin and the words that immediately follow it suggest that whiteness and blackness constitute one another, and the concept of blackness is a reflection of whiteness itself — of its fears, and fantasies. And yet, as these pieces demonstrate,by moving away from the centre - a position of privilege - to the margins, a new understanding of blackness, and black womanhood more specifically, is made possible. Here the revelation is two-fold, if you allow it.