Studio Sixty Six
Black Woman #7 (Guess My Race) VIII

Black Woman #7 (Guess My Race) VIII


Print on matte paper

Black frame with plexiglas

8" x 10" / 20.32cm x 25.4cm 

Artist's Insight:
How do you identify a black woman? Is it in the hair? The skin tone? The nose? The lips? By cutting out certain visible markers of identity, the pieces in this series force the viewer to make conscious choices in order to determine the race of the subjects depicted. In doing so, they show that the perception of race is not an objective process, but rather one that is subjective and motivated by the perceiver’s own biases. Once the first question of “guess my race” is answered, the next question becomes: “So what?” How does this change how others interact with these women, and how they are able to navigate society?