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Susan Roston


From the Big Band series
Unglazed porcelain, stoneware glaze, stain, and underglaze
3 x 4 x 4 in. / 8 x 10 x 10 cm

“Expression is the most intense emotion of self and of who we are as individuals.”That being said sometimes any form of expression is quite difficult to explain to others especially in today’s society, always rushing always self absorbed. I want to take that absorption and flip it around in the work I do, it’s a reflection of who I am, inwardly, spiritually always striving to see the “underneath.” 

"For the most part we all have a tendency to see and somewhat be aware of what’s around us and above us that’s immediate and instantaneous but to look inwardly and underneath takes a lot more practice as well as patience. That makes the underneath a perfect form to explore. When I look at water, when I touch water to feel its texture and when I just want to be near it I contemplate. Water has ebb, it’s always moving always renewing its “self”

"That’s what I strive to show in my work, a calm ebb, something that has texture and grace, a kind of quiet solitude, something that wants to be touched, felt and thought about without any direction."

- S. Roston

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