Studio Sixty Six
Continuous Line

Continuous Line


Mixed media. Cotton and wool fibres, wooden dowel.

4 x 13 in. / 10.16 x 33.02 cm (variable)

Edition of 20


Artist's Insight:

"Continuous Line began in 2014, and will continue to exist for years to come.  The line consists of 20 weavings; each time an individual weaving is sold, it is replaced. The line broadcasts itself into new spaces, then replenishes its core.  Each individual weaving contains both the past and future of the unending piece.

Displayed with little space between each weaving, the viewer's perception of the line is warped depending on their position in relation to the piece.  When standing close to the wall on either end of the line, an illusion occurs: the space in-between the weaving disappears."