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Hawthorne Crater #2

Hawthorne Crater #2

Inkjet print
Print: 32 x 40in. / 81.28 x 101.6 cm
Framed: 36 x 46in. / 91.44 x 116.84cm
Edition of 3

Available in smaller size:
16 x 20 in. / 40.64 x 50.80 cm
Edition of 25

Stories written by Andrew Vincent and Colin Vincent to accompany the exhibition.

Hawthorne Crater
The craters, some of them, are more than 40-feet deep and several hundred-feet wide. To blow such a volume of earth as that into the sky, well, it was no small feat. Sure enough it took months of careful tunneling and thousands of tonnes of explosives. The blasts were reportedly heard as far away as London. When the war ended some of these craters filled with water and I’m told the locals stripped down and swam there in the sun.
One I saw near St. Eloi looked like a very pleasant pond, dotted with lilies and now home to fish and ducks and such. Others are grown in and carpeted by leaves and shrubs and refuse so you’d barely know that they’re there without someone telling you.