Studio Sixty Six



Painting: acrylic and oil on canvas

30 x 42in. / 76.2 x 106.68cm 


Artist's Insight:

This piece was created at the end of my undergraduate degree when I was still exploring the nature of paint and its’ various techniques. My curiosity for landscapes was already manifesting at this stage, but I was still unsure which aspects of landscapes I was trying to uncover. Initially I was motivated by an aerial view of coasts between land and sea for this painting. This was further pushed with the use of spray paint to create a cloudy fade in the top right section and bottom left section of the work. Besides the bright and unusual colour palette, aspects of the work became more abstracted with the changing perspective in the top right corner, where the meandering line appears to go behind another shape and the indication of a horizon line forming using that same line. This was the start of my exploration of landscape, space and abstraction in painting.