Studio Sixty Six
Cultural Vestiges, Casolt, Transylvania

Cultural Vestiges, Casolt, Transylvania


Photograph; pigment ink on premium archival Baryta paper

Edition of 5

Print 40" x 14.32" / 101.6 cm x 36.37 cm
Frame 42.5" x 16.5" / 107.95 cm x 41.91 cm 

Artist's Insight:

As someone who has travelled extensively, I am drawn not only to major world class cities with their layers of history portrayed through timeless iconic architecture, but to lesser developed and populated regions in countries, especially South East Asia, India and Eastern Europe.
I am particularly fascinated by small villages that lie beyond the façade and bustling of urban modernity, where culture and traditions of the inhabitants often seem to have stood still for centuries and bear witness to the past.
My love of traditional simplicity and honest authenticity is best exemplified in my first published photographic book entitled Village Mosaics of Rajasthan 2011. As a photographer, this passion allows me to slip back time to a period remembered to some extent in my own lifetime, but primarily only previously visualized in books and films. Through my camera lens, capturing moments in real time of visions of bygone times, is exhilarating and enriching.
Cultural Vestiges, Casolt, Transylvania, is a selection from a body of work photographed in September 2017 in various regions of Romania. This image portrays a slice of local life and culture that in today’s fast-paced global technological changes may well-disappear in the not too distant future.