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Darapsa versicolor

Darapsa versicolor



Pigment ink print on matte archival quality paper



1 - Unmounted - Print 10" x 15" landscape on 13" x 19" sheet, $200.00


2 - Medium - Print 44" x 32”, Framed 45" x 33”,  Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” birch frame, $1,500.00

3 - Large - Print 62" x 44”, Framed 63" x 45”,  Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” birch frame, $3,000.00


Artist's Insight:

Common name: Hydrangea Sphinx, Latin Species name: Darapsa versicolor

Collected in Crosby, Ontario on June 7, 2004

The Hydrangea Sphinx (Darapsa versicolor) is a member of the fast-flying sphinx moth (or hawk moth) family. There are an estimated 1,450 species of sphinx moth worldwide. 

All caterpillars are voracious eaters. The common names for moths often derive from the caterpillar's preferred host plant. The caterpillars of this one feed on Virginia creeper and grape. Most adult moths, like their butterfly cousins, feed on flower nectar.

This moth has a wingspread of 66 mm.