Studio Sixty Six
Entwined 2

Entwined 2


Hand-pulled linocut on paper

Unframed: 15 x 22 in. / 38.1 x 55.88 cm

Framed: 22 x 29 in. / 55.88 x 73.66 cm

Artist Statement 
In my most recent work I am exploring the emotional and physical connection that we have to our past, ourselves and the people who influence and inform the person that we become. Self-reflection, introversion and the ebb and flow that we experience in our day-to-day lives are things I wish to express through my figurative work, while simultaneously capturing the simple beauty found in the subtle and unconscious movements of the body ‘to twine with, about, around, or together’ Source material for the series “Entwined” was created by literally wrapping myself in the physical creations of women who are important to my life: my grandmother, mother and close female friends. Each piece of fabric was knit, wound and knotted by hands of those who love me. Objects created with purpose and intent are transformed through the process of image making, blurring the line between craft and art.