Studio Sixty Six
Grammia virgo

Grammia virgo

Pigment ink photographic print on matte archival quality paper
Print: 10 x 15in. / 25.4cm x 38.01cm
Paper: 13 x 19in. / 33.02cm x 48.26cm

Artist's Insight
Common name: Virgin Tiger Moth, Latin Species name: Grammia virgo

Collected in Pakenham, Ontario on July 12, 2004

The Virgin Tiger Moth (Grammia virgo) is a member of the tiger moth family found predominantly in eastern North America.

The caterpillar of this species sequesters toxins from the plants it feeds on. These toxins are passed along to the adult moth. The bold patterns and coloration of the moth serves as a warning to birds of their toxicity.  

This moth has a wingspread of 49 mm.