Studio Sixty Six
Here 2

Here 2

Acrylic photo image transfer on duralar
28.5 x 34.5in. / 72.39 x 87.63 cm
Edition of 1

Artist Insight
The shadow figures for this interior series were shot in refracted and reflected morning light. These pieces consider liminal (or in-between) states: sensory thresholds, and transitions such as between night and morning, sleeping and waking, one phase of life and the next. The title suggests that while there might be an ongoing sense of fluidity, one is simply ‘here’. 
These monoprints are manually made acrylic image transfers on matte translucent polyester film. In this series, I have drawn into the nearly complete pieces with rubbing alcohol, which dissolves the surface colour. It suggests looking at the image through a plane such as a fogged up mirror or window, while adding depth and surface interest. Each monoprint is finished with an isolation coat of gloss acrylic gel followed by two coats of matte acrylic polymer varnish.