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Hooge PPCLI Memorial #2

Hooge PPCLI Memorial #2

Inkjet print
Print: 32 x 32in. / 81.28 cm x 81.28 cm
Framed: 38 x 38in. / 96.59 x 96.59 cm
Edition of 3

Available in smaller size:
16 x 16 in. / 40.64 x 40.64 cm
Edition of 25

Stories written by Andrew Vincent and Colin Vincent to accompany the exhibition.

Hooge – Patricia’s Pat Infantry
We get lost trying to find the Princess Pats Memorial near Hooge. The directions said to take care not to miss it, as the road is narrow and windy, and the memorial low to the ground with plenty of corn growing high all around it. Instead we find ourselves behind some farm buildings, in a yard piled with twisted debris. “It’s not how the Pats would have kept it,” my grandmother might have said. Her family too had returned to the Old Country to help in the war effort, closing the new butcher shop in Nanton to cut meat for the troops in Inverness.