Studio Sixty Six
Illness (Dr. G.P., Pipe)

Illness (Dr. G.P., Pipe)


Pigment inks on gloss fibre paper, Print Face-Mounted to Plexiglass, Back-Mounted to Aluminum Subframe

16" x 20" / 40.64cm x 50.8cm 

Edition of 5

Framed - $500

Unframed - $250


Artist's Insight 


On August 24th I went to a meeting at Studio Sixty Six about our fall show.

And then DISASTER! I woke up Tuesday, August 30th at 5 am with an awful pain. I couldn’t eat. I dragged myself to T.O. on Wednesday to look at framing. I also delivered Lisa McLeod’s portrait to her. I came home early on the train. I thought I had food poisoning but Thursday I was still sick. I went to the doctor on Friday and she says I need to go to Emerge because I have appendicitis. On Friday, September 2nd, I was admitted and I have a perforated appendix. I stayed in the hospital six nights. Whew!

 And then I entered the country of Illness. It’s a completely different country. Different in every way. A different language. Different citizens. Different rules and laws. Different culture. Different Gods and Totems. O.M.G. And I’ve never been sick before.

So I was sick from then and couldn’t eat basically until my surgery on December 1st.

The other two parts of the “Perfect Storm” of my life were the election of DT — a complete and utter asshole — a con man. And the fact that this was the first time in my life since I was five that I was not working or going to school.

Take your broken heart and make art. 

The continuation of my Flotsam series is about cultural reportage. What do the pictures of the trash I collected from morning walks for coffee and from the Women’s March on Washington and the Inauguration tell us about the world we live in?