Studio Sixty Six
Land of Oz no.2

Land of Oz no.2


photo encaustic on gallery birch board

15.24 cm x 15.24 cm / 6'' x 6''

edition No. 3/3

The images in this mini series were taken along the Ottawa River in the vicinity of Orleans Woods, Orleans, Ontario in the fall of 2015. Each winter the river floods its banks, engulfing this area in water and ice. Once it was farmland; old fence posts remain.  Once it was used as cross country ski trails - an abandoned sign stands as a reminder.   A “tug of war” is evident as leaning trees attempt to hang on to their existence.  When the floodwater recess and I am able to walk amongst the ruins, an ethereal quality resonates.  Even with all the debris a haunting beauty emerges from within.  I soon find myself looking beyond the obvious, remembering the almost magical artwork of childhood stories.  “Alice falling down the rabbit hole” or “Dorothy off to find the wizard” - these are mere cobwebs of my memory resurfacing because of what I see before me.  As I return to the present, I see a much different picture.  I see a very fragile place holding on my a thread. 

Starting as polaroid captures, a conscious decision was made to use the discarded portion where a negative is hidden beneath paper.  Mimicking the struggles occurring on this land, the unpredictability of this process can reveal subtleties of violence or beauty.