Studio Sixty Six
Maria Clara is Nasty

Maria Clara is Nasty


Mixed media collage, photographs, capiz shell, found images on cold-pressed watercolour paper 

16" x 20" / 40.64cm x 50.8cm (framed)


Artist's Insight:
When Filipino revolutionary Jose Rival wrote his novel Noli Me Tángere in 1887 to expose the inequalities of the Spanish Catholic church and the ruling colonial governments, he also created the character of Maria Clara.  Since then Maria Clara has stood for traditional patriarchal feminine ideals: delicate, chaste, devout, demure, and self-effacing.  Because of these traits, Maria Clara has also been criticised as the greatest misfortune that has befallen the Filipina in the last century.  This piece celebrates ideals I see in many Filipinas I look up to: strength, obstinance, supportiveness.