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Dan Sharp

Acrylic and glitter on canvas
96 x 55 in. / 244 x 140 cm 

"Red is a powerful colour. Big red is more powerful. But this painting is not a single
colour. There are shades and intensities of red Naphthol, and some yellow and
some magenta. A friend remarked that they do not mistrust beauty, which is a
good viewpoint to take when looking at art.

"Red - the colour of blood, associated with passion, danger, fire. This painting is
intended to send a charge. The splash of crystals reflects and refracts light. The
painting is light.

“Let’s just say that red is always a reflection of the idea of red.”

"The painting is a metaphor - according to the dictionary, something that stands
for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention,
or accidental resemblance, especially: a visible sign of something invisible.
Something about aspiration, something about energy, something about cerebral
ischemic arterial occlusion. Fluctuation. Fluidity. Flow. Difference. Differentiation.

"It could be alleged that this whole painting is about the edges and corners and the
close shifts of tones of red, or that’s some kind of metaphor.

"Another story is that the painting is a miracle.
Someone said “It’s a fucking miracle.”
You wonder what that is a sign of."

- D. Sharp

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