Studio Sixty Six
Morning 4th & King #23

Morning 4th & King #23

Acrylic photo image transfer on duralar
28.5 x 34.5in. / 72.39 x 87.63 cm
Edition of 1

Artist Insight
"The images for this series were shot outside the train station in San Francisco on two January mornings. A continuation of my Liminal body of work, these pieces focus on people in an in-between state, travelling to their day. I was drawn to the life in all these people on the move, and the simultaneous sense of individuality and collectivity. I was also compelled by the play between the morning light and long winter shadows: like a dance or a conversation, a layer that we walk on and through, and are a part of."
These monoprints are manually-made acrylic image transfers on matte translucent polyester film. Each monoprint is finished with an isolation coat of gloss acrylic gel followed by two coats of matte acrylic polymer varnish.