Studio Sixty Six
Colour Necklace

Colour Necklace



Assorted fibres, wooden dowel and plastic clasp

2" x 5" / 5.08cm x 12.7cm, string variable

This necklace was made with 100% white cotton fibre for the base, along with assorted wool, cotton, silk, chenille, bamboo, and synthetic fibres.

The "chain" is a natural cotton cord, and measures approx. 19 inches long. The cord has a white plastic "snap" style clasp closure, making it very easy to wear. To ensure the longevity of this clasp (and necklace in general), open the closure by bending both sides of the clasp downward versus pulling it open by the cord. 

The woven space measures roughly 2 inches x 2 inches, and it is 5 inches long from the dowel to the bottom of the fringe. 

The nature of the design makes each necklace unique.