Studio Sixty Six
Now You Are The Lighting

Now You Are The Lighting

Sculpture: tube valves, soft ball, wood from branch that fell during a lightning storm, nails, acrylic paint

8.27 x 25.6 x 6in. / 21 x 65 x 15.24 cm

Artist's Insight:
During an evening thunderstorm, the old tree across the street lost a large branch, which I discovered on the ground the following day. I asked my son to help me carry it home and he obliged.  Believing that the branch had been struck by lightning, I stored it on my back porch for several years until I moved, when I then transported it to my new back porch. 
"I might use it in my work," I replied to a friend who asked why I was keeping it around. "Ah, I see,' he said, "Now you are the lightning."