Studio Sixty Six
Pillow in the Morning

Pillow in the Morning

Hand-woven and embroidered glass beads, faux fur on panel.

13  x 10 in. / 33.02 x 25.4 cm 

Artist's Insight
My recent work centres on ideas of glamour and mimicry. Faux fur makes me think of the ways faking glamour so often feels necessary to get ahead. This faking is glamorous, but exhausting; presenting ourselves as more cool and confident than we are, our possessions and actions as more valuable than they are. However, faux fur is perhaps more conceptually interesting than real fur for its fakeness. This is because it both exists on its own as well as in direct relationship to real fur. It’s both itself, and (not) something else. It derives value from having some qualities of real fur (hairiness) and from not having others (animal exploitation). This is what interests me in the relationship between glamour and mimicry—that mimesis is more complex, even more glamorous than the real. Perhaps glamour is only another deferral of mimesis. Perhaps there is no glamour without mimicry.