Studio Sixty Six
Potato Zeppelin

Potato Zeppelin


Painting: acrylic and epoxy resin on wood panel

24 x 24in. / 60.96  x 60.96 cm

Artist's Insight
My aim was to teeter on the edge of pretty and ugly, strong and soft, earthy and bright. I try not to portray anything figurative or to push an overt feeling or emotion onto the viewer, but to keep the shapes and composition as arbitrary and abstract as possible to allow the viewer to see what they want. The emotions I was feeling as I painted it are supposed to be uncertain, so the viewer can elicit their own meaning and feeling from the piece. There is no set intention, denotation, or history – the aim is for the viewer to explore the piece and find their own way, and to enjoy it (or not enjoy it) for its complex simplicity, its colours, and the many balancing acts within it.