Studio Sixty Six
Sleeping, Glam City

Sleeping, Glam City


Mixed media

Crepe de chine, jewelry chain, and hardware on panel.

12" x 9" / 30.48cm x 22.86cm

Artist's Insight:
"Jumping off from an interest in the relationships between Craft and Art, fibers and painting, making and manufacture, function and isolation, I’ve gained a real interest in the role that glamor plays in a world full of categories, derivatives, faux-finishes, stealth wealth and the shabby-chic. This piece evokes a pale-pink boudoir, a place for getting made up, a room without wrinkles in the sheets. The hardware functions as a piece of jewelry, or a piece of furnishing—and the jewelry chain calls into question the value of the various metals present in the piece.
For outfits or Instagram or pieces of art, what does having the right look cost, (in various currencies and/or various kinds of labor) and how and why is the very struggle of attaining this glamor specifically glamorized? What is holding the line between the fancy and the faux?"