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Spilosoma virginica

Spilosoma virginica



Pigment ink print on matte archival quality paper



1 - Unmounted - Print 10" x 15" landscape on 13" x 19" sheet, $200.00


2 - Medium - Print 44" x 32”, Framed 45" x 33”,  Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” birch frame, $1,500.00

3 - Large - Print 62" x 44”, Framed 63" x 45”,  Print mounted on dibond in glassless 1" x 3” birch frame, $3,000.00


Artist's Insight:

Common name: Virginian Tiger Moth, Latin Species name: Spilosoma virginica

Collected in Lac Bonin, Quebec on May 23, 2007

The Virginian Tiger Moth (Spilosoma virginica) is a member of the tiger moth family. 

Some tiger moths produce faintly audible clicking sounds under duress and these sounds, which have a large ultrasonic component, appear to be defensive in function and jam the hunting bat’s echolocation calls.

The Virginian Tiger Moth is found predominantly in eastern North America. 

This moth has a wingspread of 42 mm.