Studio Sixty Six
Standstill Ft. Time

Standstill Ft. Time



Oil on canvas

48" x 60" / 121.92cm x 152.40cm


Artist's Insight:

This painting was made shortly after I returned from my trip to Iceland in March 2017. It developed very quickly and was very created with an instinctual drive. With the dramatic and unusual landscapes I experienced in Iceland still fresh in my mind, I wanted to recreate the sensation of what I was faced with while travelling there. The landscape exuded an ominous ambience, appearing very large and reminded me of how small I was in terms of scale and in time. These landscapes have existed much longer than I can even comprehend and freeze time in a visual way. The painting techniques that I use, particularly the dripping of paint, is frozen in this painting much like how time is frozen in the landscapes of Iceland. I wanted to somehow capture the otherworldliness, ambience and vastness of an imaginary landscape in this painting. This was heavily informed by my research and experiences in Iceland this year. You must go!