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TESTAMENT: Leslie Hossack in Kosovo

TESTAMENT: Leslie Hossack in Kosovo

Hardcover with dust jacket

100 pages

Autographed copy

Book size: 12 x 12in. / 30 x 30cm

TESTAMENT: Leslie Hossack In Kosovo (2015) is a collection of photographs and writings from her 2013 deployment to Kosovo with the Canadian Forces Artists Program. Hossack was embedded with Roto 7 of Operation KOBOLD, Task Force Pristina, for almost two weeks. While there she went beyond the passive act of simply observing the Canadian military abroad, and the aftermath of war in Kosovo. Instead, she chose to be an active witness, a witness who provides unsettling testimony about what she saw and felt and learned in the Balkans.
The photographs in TESTAMENT examine places of conflict, memory and commemoration associated with the 1998-99 Kosovo War between Serbians and Albanians, and the NATO bombing of Serbian forces. The series is part of Hossack’s larger body of work exploring Nazi architecture in Berlin, Stalinist structures in Moscow, a Cold War bunker in Ottawa, contested sites in Jerusalem, the Japanese Canadian experience during WW II, Sir Winston Churchill’s London and the D-Day beaches of Normandy.