Studio Sixty Six
The Ask

The Ask



Acrylic and Paper on Canvas

36" x 36" / 91.44cm x 91.44cm 


Artist's Insight 

Décollage is the opposite of collage - from the French word décoller meaning to take off or to unstick. This technique is based upon the appearance of advertisements ripped from billboards, leaving fragments of papers and the layering of previous posters. I see it as a metaphor for time.

"Jesus is saying, “Come unto me”. This line was taken from a book of sheet music and fit perfectly with the image, taken from a religious calendar. The blue over His eyes focuses your attention on them - almost hypnotic - almost dead centre. The title, ‘The Ask’ refers to the final part of a sales pitch. The blue paper at the bottom contain fish referring to Jesus, the Fisherman."
C. Mersky