Studio Sixty Six
The Separation Wall, Seen from Bloomfield Gardens, Jerusalem 2011

The Separation Wall, Seen from Bloomfield Gardens, Jerusalem 2011

Pigment ink on cotton fibre
Print: 13.5 x 45in. / 34.29 x 114.3 cm
Framed: 25 x 60in. / 63.5 x 152.4 cm

Edition of 1

Artist Insight
In this photograph, a concrete structure can be seen running along the top of the distant ridge. Is it a wall, a barrier, or a fence? Israelis refer to it as a "separation barrier" while Palestinians call it a “racial segregation wall.” Planned to cover 435 miles, it is now approximately 280 miles long.
n June 2002, the Israeli government decided to build the separation barrier to prevent terrorists from entering Israeli cities. Along the full length of the barrier there are observation posts, automated sensing devices, and gateways controlled by Israeli soldiers. Passage through the barrier is particularly difficult for Palestinians, even those few who have managed to obtain permits.
Some observers have compared the Israeli barrier to the Berlin Wall, but a direct comparison is not helpful; the provocation, purpose and impact need to be examined separately in each case. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9th, 1989; the Israeli separation barrier is still standing. And all around the world today, other walls are being debated, designed and built.