Studio Sixty Six
The Shopping Channel #1 Follower of Fashion

The Shopping Channel #1 Follower of Fashion


Photograph; inkjet print on paper

15" x 32" / 38.1 cm x 81.28 cm

Edition of 5

Artist's Insight:
A model in party clothes from The Shopping Channel’s website is paired with the barefoot artist crouched looking at the model’s shoes. A vertical line divides the two worlds — one manufactured and utterly inhumane, reducing the thin young model to a weightless, headless product hanging as from a noose; the other inescapably human, an older woman in jeans and shirt fascinated by, maybe yearning for and abject to the products on offer. The two female positions, the implicit and explicit gaze within which the whole is trapped, the emptiness of the space all speak to the aridity of consumption and naturalized body image anxieties.