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Michael Schreier

Untitled 13

From the Atemwende/Breathturn series.
Dedicated to Paul Celan, the Celan Drawings
Pigment print on Epson Cold Press Natural paper
17 x 22 in. / 43 x 56 cm

"What is it about Celan that has attracted me...partially a loss of language, that is autobiographical, however, Celan offers a more profound understanding to the “word”...that is authorship, etymology that is the source of the idea and the need to express...Celan by invention takes me to the tenderness of language, A “breathturn, atemvende...when one loses one gains from another source...a profound understanding of voice to be celebrated in the consonance of one’s place, idea, and private ritual...mark-making is similar, whether, of the camera/optical, or of the hand, the intention is the same, an assertion and celebration of place, that one might actually belong, beyond the very vulnerable of the immediate, not to be hyperbolic, however, to realize the privilege of step outside the cave, for me a deep respect for Gaston Bachelard and the value of silence...a work speaks not just to the artist, but to the beholder and finally a confirmation to witness..."

- M. Schreier

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