Studio Sixty Six
Untitled Hand Woven Textile 1

Untitled Hand Woven Textile 1


Medium: Creole wool, hand woven. 

Category: Textile

Size: 78" x 50" / 198.12 cm x 127 cm.

Artist's Insight

Jorongo is the traditional garment hand woven like a blanket and with a hole woven in the middle so that it can be worn. The horongos where made in Patzcuaro a small town in Michoacán. In the State of Michoacán it is larger and is often used for special occasions or riding on horseback.

The weavers are a family business that normally sell their products through a co-op. The textiles where made by hand in old weaving machines that are from the early 20 century and the wool is from animals of the region. I translated my drawings to this traditional garment to reflect on the idea of hybrid identities, and the possibility of  a cultural balance between contemporaneity and traditions.