Studio Sixty Six
Untitled II

Untitled II

From the After Goya series

Photograph: archival inkjet print, printed on Platine paper, Framed

17 x 22in. / 43.18  x 55.88 cm

 Edition of 10


Artist's Insight:
Expressing one’s concerns about political, social or personal issues through art is a well-trod path. I look to Goya, and his masterful paintings The Second of May 1808 and The Third of May 1808 or Picasso’s Guernica as the most searing examples of art’s power to articulate an anti-war statement. I look to Kathe Kollwitz, the German Expressionist, for her tender and evocative prints depicting the poor and disenfranchised that remind us to care for the most vulnerable in society. Or I consider the work of Francesca Woodman, who explored her own fragility and shifting sense of self through self portraiture.