Studio Sixty Six
Untitled (Lucy)

Untitled (Lucy)

Acrylic and aerosol paint on wood panel / Acrylique et peinture aérosol sur panneau de bois
18 x 14 in. / 45.7 x 35.6 cm

Artist's Insight
“Who knows how many trees there were on the cliff just before Lucy disappeared? Who counted? Maybe there was one more, afterwards.”  Margaret Atwood, Death by Landscape. Inspired by a short story by Margaret Atwood titled Death by Landscape, the landscapes in the series “How to Paint Death According to Lucy” are meant to have a polarizing effect of restlessness and subdued acceptance. In addition, it considers the idea of  metempsychosis, transition, and the possibility of an “in-between” world where The Wilderness rules and we have to assimilate by becoming rooted in nature.