Studio Sixty Six
Untitled (Smile)

Untitled (Smile)

Mixed Media

Hand woven and embroidered glass beads, faux fur, pumice paste, enamel paint on panel.

11 x 7 in. / 27.94 cm x 17.78 cm 

Artist's Insight 
This piece deals with the idea of material mimicry;
faux fur attempts to look like its real counterpart, pumice paste offset with a beaded grid echoes concrete reinforced with wire mesh, and metallic enamel paint evokes gold leaf. Each of these mimetic evocations bring up questions of value. What are the tradeoffs of using real versus faux fur? Is concrete more or less of a fine art material than pumice paste? What role do the faux and the fake play in our material world? Frankly presenting themselves yet calling other materials to mind, mimetic materials cause tiny upsets of expectations that call our attention back to the ways we evaluate worth.