Studio Sixty Six
Vimy forest private #1

Vimy forest private #1

Inkjet print
Print: 32 x 40in. / 81.28 x 101.6 cm 
Framed: 36 x 46in. / 91.44 x 116.84 cm
Edition of 3

Available in smaller size:
16 x 20 in. / 40.64 x 50.80 cm
Edition of 25

Stories written by Andrew Vincent and Colin Vincent to accompany the exhibition.

Vimy Private Forest
Just past the car park. Well away from the landscaped fields, plaques and luminous Roman limestone. In the treed thicket where tufts of groundcover poke up from the mud – at least partly obscure the view in. Where a stranded Lays bag flutters, flashing silver on a low branch and a magazine molders among fallen leaves, all the gloss leached from its pages, tangled figures sagging into rough ground. While companies of joggers in flagrant nylon jog by – only dimly aware of bodies colliding off to one side.