Studio Sixty Six
Witness 10

Witness 10

Archival pigment prints

23" x 23" / 58.42cm x 58.42cm

Edition of 8


Artist Statement | Witness:
Witness is my response to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, a massive energy project that, if built, would carry over 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta's tar sands to Canada's rugged and beautiful west coast.

This project is my fictional journey along the pipeline's path, post-spill. Every inch of the landscape is irreversibly changed: forests and watersheds are polluted, the salmon are dead, the trees are rotting from the roots up. The whole land is a testament to the destructive energies of man. I search through the ruins for whatever beauty remains. It's a kind of hopefulness brought about by desperation: that the earth is stronger than we give her credit for, and more persistent. I walk along the path, from one scene to the next, a witness to a loss so great it's impossible to convey it in words. I do what I can, collecting the last bits of good amongst the evil so they can be remembered.