Studio Sixty Six
Words for an Interregnum

Words for an Interregnum


Painting; acrylic and oil on canvas

36” x 24” / 91.44 cm x 60.96 cm 

Artist's Insight:
“Art in a Time of Interregnum,” was a short course I attended at BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst (Base for Contemporary Art) in Utrecht last summer. It inspired this painting of useful words than can guide new ways of being together in a time of crisis, in which “the old is dying and the new cannot be born” (Antoino Gramsci). I am using this image to encourage other artists to adopt one of these words, give it form and bring it to the RIA artist project room on January 1, 2018. BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) will be the fourth such New Year’s day exhibition at RIA. I have placed invitations to this event in the basket below the painting.