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Troy Moth  

Troy Moth

Canadian artist, photographer and film director, Troy Moth’s award-winning photography has been exhibited worldwide and is showcased as part of the permanent collection at the Art Gallery of Victoria. He has worked for such publications as Rolling Stone and Vogue. His recent work as a filmmaker has been showcased at festivals around the globe. Troy has received many awards including, Magenta flash forward, Applied Arts and Toronto alternative film festival - best director.

Moth’s iconic images are featured on art gallery walls and trendy t-shirts alike, famed for their stark, smoky portrayals of landscapes and creatures, of both the human and non-human variety. When Troy is not off adventuring and photographing in the wilds he lives and works at his studio and home in Tahsis, BC. 


Standing Figure 09
Standing Figure 03
Burnt 08
Burnt 07
Burnt 06
Burnt 05
Burnt 04
Burnt 03
Burnt 02
Burnt 01
Montana Horses 03
White horse
War Pony
Wolf 06
Wolf 05
Wolf 04
Buffalo 05
Nature Merchant 02
Grizzly 02
Grizzly 01
Buffalo 07
Invisible Horsemen
Nature Merchant 2
Nature Merchant 6
Nature Merchant 1
Nature Merchant 10
The Botanist 4
Nature Merchant 13
The Botanist 6
Nature Merchant 5
The Botanist 5
Witness 10
Witness 9
Witness 8
Witness 7
Witness 2
Water's Edge 8
Water's Edge 4
Water's Edge 3
Water's Edge 2
Water's Edge 1