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Omnishambles | September 18 - October 18

Instagram Live Reception: Friday, September 18, 6 pm
Location: Studio Sixty Six, 858 Bank Street unit 101


Omnishambles is a made-up word that hit me with a flash of clarity when I came across it. The word perfectly describes the context that these new paintings were made in. I knew right away it would be the title for this show. These are COVID-19 lockdown paintings. After March 13th, 2020 my life, like everyone’s, was turned upside down.  

Working from home, with no access to the studio, the kids off school for months, keeping the household going, painting at night in a temporary corner between the furnace room and the kids’ Lego zone, keeping the virus at bay … all cards were thrown into the air, and are still there—spinning and shifting in constant need of attention to keep them from falling to pieces. Omnishambles.  

Many of the figurative paintings in this show were worked out before the lockdown. Not painted, but images decided upon and drawings done. Their slightly off-putting, something-not-quite-rightness fit perfectly with what I was suddenly feeling. Once the lockdown hit, I shifted gears a little and decided to paint images of artists’ studios. All the artists I knew were experiencing the same thing, and I couldn’t help but think about all the suddenly quiet, empty studio spaces. This is not how it’s supposed to be.  

For many years, I have methodically divided up the surfaces of paintings. I have needed and found ways to break up images into pieces, to create hard-edged structures where intuition and accidents can get to work. The imagery in this exhibition presents different kinds of situations and states. Each painting in its own way is a product of the difficult and frightening time of its creation. The lines are sharp and the shapes are flat, but the colour is alive and generous. My goal has been to make paintings that are true to the chaos of this strange moment, as chaotic as it has been, but to depict it with a visual language of optimism and joy.



Omnishambles | September 18 - October 18

Poetics of the Field | September 4 - October 4

Instagram Live Reception: Friday, September 4, 6-7 pm
Show Runs: September 4 - October 4
Location: Studio Sixty Six, 858 Bank Street, Suite 101

What do the photographer and the painter have in common? Photographer Barbara Brown and abstract painter Daniel Sharp maintain separate studios and practices that do not overlap, yet, there are similarities and coincidences between their works. These two practicing visual artists have been life partners for the past 30 years. It is intriguing to view their works side by side. Their artworks seem to cross over at certain points and ‘talk’ to each other in a dialogue of light, colour, and organic forms.

Brown uses photography to capture compositions she creates using natural materials from her local environment. The plants and flowers she selects are both the subjects and mediums of her complex compositions. These compositions represent particular gardens, seasons, or natural environments. Brown seeks to create immersive images that refer back to the experience of being in a garden or forest. She is interested in breaking down the barriers between subject and object in nature. In her work, Brown negotiates an ancient relational way of being in the world.
Sharp paints compositions that he describes as proto-poetic abstractions. He sees these gestures as utterances of thoughts and feelings sequenced into visual essays, prior to linguistic descriptions or writing. His works are fairly simplified abstract paintings, something like an early stage of expression, analogous in some ways to a poem or a song. He is interested in the impulsive and unmediated gesture, balanced with a constructed, composed structure. He strives for deep colour, the dynamism of forms, and the soft nuances of a composition.

Brown has looked towards abstract expressionist painting for compositional clues similar to Sharp's use of photography as a research tool to see the world.

Poetics of the Field | September 4 - October 4


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